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31 03 2020

Responding to COVID-19


31 03 2020

JobKeeper Payments - Australian Government Stimulus

The announced JobKeeper initiative is a subsidy program to support employees by providing a safety net of income support and to retain engagement with employers.

31 03 2020

Financing the gap between now and the cash splash

Lending or Borrowing to Pay Employee Costs?

23 03 2020

Government announces $66 Billion COVID-19 Stimulus Package

The Government has introduced a further $66 billion initiative to assist small to medium businesses given the uncertainty and economic impact of COVID-19.

13 03 2020

Australian Government Stimulus COVID-19

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the government has announced its plan to implement a $17.6 billion stimulus package to support businesses and boost the economy. The stimulus package will be introduced to Parliament at the next sitting (week commencing Monday, 23 March). Whilst it is highly expected that it will be passed, this remains uncertain and so taking any action before the laws are passed requires very careful consideration. The proposals may or may not be implemented as announced and there may be additional detail not currently provided in the announcement for eligibility.

19 02 2020

Bushfire Deferral

Australia Taxation Office (ATO) Deferral

14 02 2020

Clarity Summer Edition 2020

A quarterly publication on accounting & auditing matters

31 10 2019

Clarity Spring Edition 2019

A quarterly publication on accounting & auditing matters

08 08 2019

Clarity Winter Edition 2019

A quarterly publication on accounting & auditing matters

20 06 2019

Single Touch Payroll

The Single Touch Payroll reporting requirements are nearly upon us and we are now starting to see actionable updates coming through from the software providers. We are contacting all of our clients to see if they have taken action to accommodate the changes.

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