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PKF NENW News • 2022-11-08

Clarity Spring Edition 2022

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In this issue, with 'grey swan' events becoming more frequent and the war on talent ever present, we explore:

  • how to breathe new life and vigour into risk reporting, encouraging growth and performance rather than compliance and conformance,
  • the option of outsourcing internal audit, as a means of injecting new additional skills sets and accessing deep expertise,
  • the importance of IT general controls, with three key common red flag risks to monitor and manage, and
  • the recent legislative changes, which are removing the longstanding privacy wrapper that has been embedded in Australia's corporate reporting framework for so long, increasing transparency of tax payments and financial positions. 

We hope you enjoy reading this edition of Clarity. Don't hesitate to contact your local Audit and Assurance Partners for any further assistance.

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